Brian & Laeticia

Not being able to try on my wedding ring was a big problem for me at first. There are so many beautiful rings out there and it’s not always easy to know which model, metal or settings to choose from. Thankfully Parnelle Diamonds were able to give me great advice to help me make up my mind and to give me directions to get the best results and I’m very grateful for the time they spent with me discussing all of the details of my ring and for his flexibility and patience. In the end I went for the castelle setting as it allows the light through and makes the diamonds even shinier which gives a stunning finish to the ring.

His flexibility and patience were important to me while I was making up my mind on the model of the ring I wanted. I really liked that they always came back to me quickly to confirm that what I was asking for was possible or to give me a new quote.

Once I got my ring I was not disappointed, it fits perfectly and is exactly the right size. It looks stunning beside my diamond engagement ring and I’m absolutely delighted with the result.

I would highly recommend dealing with Parnelle Diamonds to anyone for either diamond engagement or or diamond wedding rings. Having a unique ring tailor made from scratch for you is very appealing and their prices are quite competitive. My plan was to have the wedding ring of my dreams and the one I got is above expectation. It’s stunning and very satisfying to have a unique wedding band created only for me. I’m really thankful for that and for Donal’s patience and professionalism during the process.

Thank you Donal! I keep looking at my ring – it’s so beautiful 🙂