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Gareth & Lisa

The Story

We first met with Gareth in April of 2012 where he confided that he was going to ask his girlfriend Lisa to marry him and that he wanted Parnelle Diamonds to create an diamond engagement ring for him.

He had some pretty specific ideas as to what Lisa liked when it came to rings and was adamant that ring had to have a large blue centre stone surrounded by white diamonds held by a platinum band. After discussing it for a bit we sat down and sketched out a (very!) rough draft of what he wanted the ring to look like from a top down perspective which you can see below.

glringsketchInitial sketch of ring design requested by Gareth.

We also spoke about what he wanted to spend on the ring so that we could closely match the materials that went into the ring with his budget. Gareth opted to go with a large 8ct tanzanite centre stone surrounded by 14 0.30 point G colour diamonds in a cluster setting with a platinum band.

The Design

We then took this information away and worked our magic on it, with the aid of design software created specifically for designing bespoke engagement rings, we produced a first draft of what the final finished piece would look like. We also included all the material specifications that we had agreed on with Gareth.


This document allowed Gareth to see what the finished piece would look like in exact detail and gave him a platform to request any design changes such as changing the height of the centre stone to be slightly above that of the diamond cluster. We produced a second draft of the document with all Gareth's changes reflected in it and on seeing this he gave his approval to go ahead and create the ring.

The Result


“The biggest obstacle to buying a diamond ring from a website in my mind was one of trust, as with buying a lot of things online, but once we got in touch with Parnelle Diamonds and met with them they put our minds at ease and the rest was so simple and straight forward. All our needs were taken care of promptly and any questions we had were answered thoroughly and after receiving the ring we could not be happier with it!

I think most people buying an engagement or wedding ring will have an idea of what their partner likes and to be able to create that piece myself was fantastic. The whole thing came together so easily which left me time to work on my proposal! The amount of compliments that we have received has been amazing.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Parnelle Diamonds to anybody else, it was a pleasure to deal with them and he made everything to do with purchasing diamonds so easy. He kept us involved in all aspects of the diamond rings' creation from start to finish and the quality was outstanding. I just hope people realise that this is the way forward. No longer do you have to go into a jewellers and buy a ring which might be similar to what you want, with Parnelle Diamonds you can get exactly what you want.”

Gareth & Lisa

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