Shane & Claire

Value for money was my main concern but once we got in touch with Parnelle Diamonds and outlined what we wanted this wasn’t really an issue as they offered much better value for money than a high street jewellers.

We were able to work with Donal on a design that we liked that was within our budget so we got something that was of high quality and design but at a much better price. We were also delighted to be involved in every single decision in regards to the rings along the way from the ring designs, type and quality of the diamonds used as well as how and when we took delivery of the rings we couldn’t have asked for better communication from a business.


I would definitely recommend dealing with Parnelle Diamonds and have done so on many occasions as they represents value, high quality and a high standard of personalised service. They deliver what they say they will and when they say they will.
I catch my wife admiring her rings on a regular basis and showing them off to others. Isn’t that all the proof you need to work with them?